"Bissmillahi Rahmani Rahim"

Wednesday, 11 January 2012



alhamdulillah, masih lg dpt menghirup nafas yg pnjang hari ni..
alhamdulillah, diberi nikmat kesihatan n kelapangan masa..& yg paling penting nikmat iman n islam, agama yg suci..alhamdulillah..
alhamdulillah jgak, akhirnya some of da stories ends...
ape yg dh tamat tu??

actually, sejak hmpir sebulan yg berhenti kjap tnam anggur..tukar profesion la kjap..skrg dh mula tanam anggur balik..huhuhu
sy join MCMF punye program..xtau ek mcmf tu ape? sy pon xtau b4 ni ape punye prgram la ni..
by da way MCMF is stand for My Career My Future.. with less knowledge about dis trainning programme, however i decide to join dis 6 weeks programme bcoz they guarantee to arrange me a suitable job based on my qualification.. so why not?
honestly dis time i didn't think about anything else except to get a job ASAP..

1st day program:
i felt like...owhh i can't go with dis class anymore..juz like want to forget about the job already.. really make me stress !!
what's da stress actually??
#1 i need to speak english all da time in dis class..oh no!! my english was so bad!! make me scary!!
#2 da class juz like skolah tadika maaa..felt like i'm 6 years old children..come on, i'm 22 years old already!!
#3 i got my 1st assgment..n the presentation is 2morrow.. oh no!! i think da U assingment was better than dis assgment..

2nd day prgram:
i felt like i want to cry!!!
i got my 1st criticism from my presentation..then now i know that dis is the criticism class..(mcm masuk Malaysian Idol je rase, kene komen oleh paul)
i felt i can't accept all da criticism...yeahh bcoz i'm so bad!!really make me feel embarrassed with myself compare to others..

next, next, next, next day:
i admit that, da class was awesome!! amazing!! not bad actually..
i know that i'm not da worst in da class..we r da same..
really friends yg satu kepala...make laugh, make funny
they were really sporting..
got someone to admirer..oppssss..
most important are get knowledge, something news, experiences..
learn some usual words about voice n body language....
how come we want to be like a tadika student or primary student when we r already 20 years old or above? juz in dis class..
now i don't care that actually the tendency to get a suitable job based on qualification is only 50%. dis programme is more to customer service executive...then itz ok, juz try n error..bcoz now i know where i'm standing...

the end of the class:
i will miss da trainner..madam vinot...thousands of thanks for u...
i will miss everybody in da class..
i will miss some funny things n "JURA PULA!!, OK LAH!!" hahaha...
i will miss all da moments of us together..especially with my group..ta daa group..although we always become the last one to finish n settle down our work or task, but we r always be the 1st n da best among da best..sometime i'm proud to be part of the group..thanks to all member, syafirah, husna, asz, kumar n especially shahid..u got a lots of work to be done..hehehe.
miss da song to sing, da games, da dance, da party, da role play, presentation, sketch, acting,banking role, ect...
i will miss camel laughs, amin acts,zill's disable acts, faezal was faezal, din my foreign couple, shawal n husna strong voice, man funny talk, n all the class members..
i'm sorry for everythings..i will take da criticism as a challenge to improve myself better than now..huhu
personally sorry to shahid n amin..hehe (i know they didn't read dis blog, so no need to state what i've done to them)
i will miss my admire..haha
i wish that all of us will get a better job n get successfull in our life..may God bless us..
keep in touch n until we meet again during our graduation day n in future..

we have joy, we have fun
we have season in the sun....

oppsss.. arabian foreigner??

as we go on, we remember..
for da time with.. get together...

the END...